Smart, Collaborative Solutions that Enhance Client Value

Whether you are a sole practitioner or represent a large accounting firm, finding opportunities to enhance the value you provide to your clients is sure to be a top priority.

Audit Firms Solutions

CaseWare’s solutions help you provide services more efficiently – enabling collaboration across your audit teams, allowing you to streamline audit practices, reduce manual verification processes and conduct engagements more rapidly while enhancing the quality of your deliverables.By extending your value to clients, you become a more trusted business advisor.


Design and conduct more targeted and efficient audits without compromising on audit quality.

Managing Work Papers

Significantly decrease manual audit work while improving audit transparency, consistency and quality.

Practice Management

Better manage your practice so teams deliver high-quality work, on time and on budget.

Financial Reporting

Improve the quality, consistency and reliability of your financial reporting processes while minimizing staff workload.


Provide your employees with the tools they need to be effective and efficient regardless of location.

Be effective wherever you are with CaseWare Cloud